Magnificent Business Software

It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, affording you the flexibility to manage your payroll, invoices and other forms, as well as customize your reports in formats compatible with set regulations in Cambodia.


What is FaceAzure?

A seamless integration application with Accounting software – especially QuickBooks. FaceAzure makes QuickBooks a localized software in accordance with the Cambodian authority’s regulation and/or to build a reliable solutions for most businesses in Cambodia.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To bridge the Gap With Compliance.
We know the customer pain points, what we sought to bright this gap in QuickBooks to help MSMEs see the value of technology innovation.​

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide customers convenience with localized solutions to bridge the gap through FaceAzure.​

Why we develop FaceAzure?

While some Asian countries have developed their local accounting software to comply with their country’s laws and local solution’s need, most Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cambodia are using international software even if those are not completed for the business needs especially tax regulations and Cambodian Accounting Standards.

As one of the business solution provider in Cambodia and in accordance with the new regulation of the government, the CEO of CAS-BIZ Technology Co., Ltd. had an initiatives idea to create this application, but due to limitation of resources, budget, and time frame, the only choice is to create a third party application to integrate with QuickBooks called ‘FaceAzure’.

Why FaceAzure?

QuickBooks users can save time by using FaceAzure.

  • Print purchase and sale forms comply with new regulation
  • Manual Payroll and Automate Tax on Salary calculation
  • Automatically completed monthly tax file preparation
  • Get professional financial reports in Khmer both Standard report and CIFRS